Artwork Reproduction

Using the very latest high-resolution cameras and professional lenses, we can photograph your painting, canvas, statue, necklace – you name it – with incredible colour fidelity. All our equipment is colour-calibrated right through from the initial image capture all the way to the final print, if required, up to 5 ft. wide using Canon professional ink-jet (Giclee) printers.  Our ability to match the facsimile to the original is second to none.



Restoration of faded and damaged photographs is also a speciality.  That last copy of a picture of your family ancestors can be rejuvenated and delivered as a new print and digital file, saving your family history from the deterioration that is inevitable for old prints and negatives.  Any source material can be handled: print, colour or monochrome negative (glass or celluloid), colour/mono transparency or even a digital file if you have already procured one.

 sample5-b4 sample5-after 








sample2-b4 sample2-after

sample1-b4 sample1-after